*Sauerkraut Balls.. Sauerkraut, bratwurst, cream cheese, onion, herbs, and bread crumbs...$9.99
*Pretzel Korb.. 4 Pretzels topped with salt, and served with beer cheese...$5.99


German soup of the day...$2.99


*Spinach Salad.. 3oz Crisped spinach, 50/50 cheese, 50/50 mixed lettuce, diced egg, diced tomato, garnished with red onions, croutons, and hot bacon dressing...$3.99
*Chicken Salad.. 5oz of spinach lettuce, 50/50 cheese, chicken strips, diced egg, julienne red onion, diced tomatoes, croutons & hot bacon dressing...$9.99


*Schnitzel Sandwich.. Pan fried pork schnitzel with melted Swiss cheese and topped with mushroom gravy on a brioche bun, served with spatzel...$10.99
*Strummer Max.. Grilled ham & egg on Rye bread, topped with red onion. Served with German potato salad...$11.99
*Schublig.. Bratwurst, Swiss cheese, bacon, and mustard wrapped in puff pastry. Served with German potato salad..$11.99


*Sauerbraten.. Roasted boneless beef shoulder served with smashed redskin potatoes and German cabbage topped with beer gravy...$17.99
*Paprika Handel.. 5oz breaded chicken breast topped with a paprika sauce, served with spatzle...$15.99
*Schweinebraten.. Roasted pork loin served with red cabbage and red skin potatoes topped with beer gravy...$17.99
*Pork Schnitzel.. 2 Pan fried pork schnitzels on top of butter spatzle topped with mushroom gravy, garnished with sour cream and cherry tomatoes...$15.99
*Zwiebel Schnitzel.. 2 Hand breaded veal medallions, grilled tomato halves, 2 crisp potato pancakes, topped with shank gravy and onion straws, garnished with sour cream and tomatoes...$19.99
*Pork Shank... Oven roasted pork shank, served with smashed redskin potatoes & German sauerkraut, topped shank gravy..$18.99